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Project Description

About International Mill Co.

In Kuwait’s old commercial hub, Al-Mubarakiya, International Mill opened its first store in 1963. Initially, it was roasting and selling nuts and coffee. Today, the company has expanded its product range to include spices, sweets and dried fruits. Since its commencement, International Mill has been keen in selecting the finest products, understanding and gratifying customer’s needs at all times. 

Today, International Mill has more than 400 products that includes dry fruits, nuts, spices, coffee, sweets and much more. They have now recently launched a new pre-packed product that is named as “Multi-Nuts“.

The Challenge

International Mill’s core challenges were divided into 3 major areas as follows;

  • Food Processing: Raw nuts, spices, coffee, sweets and various other food items are processed further with different flavours.
  • Packaging: There are more than 400 types of products. Each raw item is processed further with more than 10 different flavours or types. And further it is packed with different size and weight. Each of them has a separate pricing and barcode. Barcode labels are to be printed with different information based on the item type. It should also reflect the ingredients of the item along with expiry date.
  • Delivery: Deliveries needs to be documented and tracked based on the type of sales. There are corporate deliveries, inter-branch stock transfers and cash sales deliveries.
  • Corporate Sales: International Mill deals with corporate organizations, restaurants and several catering companies. Corporate invoicing, product pricing, payment time-line and deliveries were completely different from other sales.
  • Retail Sales: International Mill has more than 15 retail stores in Kuwait. It has wide presence in most of the cooperatives and malls. Each store is equipped with high-end point of sale that supports dual display to showcase ads and other product related offers. Each store is equipped with high-end electronic weighing scales that supports barcode printing.

Their core challenge was to have one centralized system that can help them to manage all the above areas and provide clear picture of their business with accurate reports.

GBS Services

GBS developed a solution named INNOVA to manage finance, inventory and operations as well as manage sales with customers. While these module work together to support entire business, it was ready for customization and easily add or adapt as business needs change.

Innova for Retail is another modern, unified retail solution that reduces complexity for retailers, freeing them to focus on connecting with customers and empowering organizations to deliver a complete shopping experience that is personal, seamless, and differentiated. Innova also provides back office capabilities, like procurement and financials, with integrated retail delivering full visibility across the entire business.

GBS implemented Pinnacle HRMS  to automate their entire manpower recruitment, staff disciplinary, time & attendance operations. International Mill Co. today has more than 20 stores in Kuwait. Pinnacle HRMS helps them to easily monitor and manage their daily attendance, leave, indemnity and other related tasks as per Kuwait Labor Law.

International Mill has more than 70 electronic weighing scales from Avery Berkel (UK). GBS works closely with the distributor and have ensured the successful implementation of these scales under central network and management. State-of-art dual display weighing scales contains a customer-end display that shows the promotions and other advertisements which are managed by GBS.

International Mill Co. and GBS has a strong relation of more than 5 years and GBS has constantly supported International Mill Co. to fulfill all their ICT requirements.

Solutions Implemented by GBS in International Mill Co.