Project Description

Project Brief

Al Manar Financing & Leasing Co. K.S.C.C. was established in November 2003 as an Islamic financing institution with a capital of KD 30,000,000 (thirty million Kuwaiti Dinar). Al Manar aims to satisfy the financial needs of individuals and businesses to best enable them to achieve their goals through its innovative financial tools and the ingenuity of its people.

To organize their customer service department, the firm sought out document management technology to automate its document archiving process. With manual scanning and storing the files in the shared network folder between staffs and departments — there was no security over the documents. Anyone could see any files that are stored in the similar shared location.

After a demonstration of Laserfiche software, Almanar decided that Laserfiche’s easy-to-use user interface could easily address their operational needs.

A Flexible, Proven Enterprise Content Management System

Laserfiche Kuwait

Al-Manar always strives for retaining its customers and increasing its market quota through innovation of unique financial solutions and services.

Al-Manar Satisfaction Meter with Laserfiche

Al-Manar requirements were pretty much clear. During our initial presentation and demonstrations they were convinced that Laserfiche will definitely meet their requirements when it comes to scanning, indexing, archiving, search and workflow automation. Al-Manar is now relaxed with their day-to-day document scanning. They have different departments scanning different kinds of documents, and Laserfiche is smart enough to route and rename the documents automatically along with necessary email alerts and notifications.

Document Scanning 100%
Document Indexing 100%
Workflow & Automation 100%

GBS Approach

In our initial meeting with Al-Manar management, we identified their core pain areas. We worked very closely with Al-Manar to understand their business processes and challenges. After investing our quality time we prepared a LIVE presentation of Laserfiche software highlighting their pain areas and their core business challenges. Al-Manar were happy to see things happening with Laserfiche.

Our Strength

GBS has been implementing and supporting Laserfiche for more than 5 years in Kuwait. We have a reliable team with Laserfiche Certified Professionals which makes our pre-sales engagements and  implementations 100% successful. We are confident and well-prepared to take enterprise-level projects that can add more value to our customers and our expertise. To discuss more about Laserfiche call us on +965 66331629