Project Description

Project Brief

KAFCO was formed on 1st July 1963 with the Kuwait National Petroluem Company (KNPC) having 51% of the shares and British Petroluem (BP) owning 49%. Since its formation, the company has made great strides in its field. The need for expansion was inevitable with the ever increasing demand for jet fuel. With the advent of the jet engine, faster and larger aircraft were built, requiring large volumes of fuel. Aircraft needed to be refuelled quickly, efficiently and safely. For the jet engine to function smoothly and reliably during flight, clean, dry fuel needs to be provided. Quality control has to be constantly monitored. KAFCO has spared no effort or expense in order to procure equipment of the highest standard. The secret of the Company’s success is good housekeeping, proper maintenance and regular staff training. KAFCO’s contribution to the aviation industry is invaluable.

KAFCO deals with lots of contracts, orders etc. They have a department as “Materials & Contracts” which manages all incoming and outgoing requests and communication related to orders and contracts. Being lots of paper-work and documentation involved, KAFCO required a solution to get rid of manual filing and maintenance of documents. They required to go digital where they can save time in searching documents and can smoothly escalate the requests electronically from one department to another or from one user to another.

A Flexible, Proven Enterprise Content Management System

Maximizing the value of Kuwaiti hydrocarbons through domestic and international refining, petrochemical and marketing

KAFCO Satisfaction Meter with Laserfiche

KAFCO decided to join hands with GBS to implement Laserfiche ECM to meet their challenges. GBS successfully implemented Laserfiche along with add-on modules such as Web Access for Remote access, Audit Trail for reporting needs and Laserfiche Forms to automate their forms and requisitions. There are still lot of processes which are pending with KAFCO which needs to be completed in the phase-2 of the project. Mainly related to web forms. Additionally GBS have configured some smart workflows that enables KAFCO staff to make data-entry with ease. GBS assists KAFCO with creation of dynamic templates that helps them to fetch data from another data-base.

Document Scanning 100%
Document Indexing 100%
Workflow & Automation 100%
Integration with Microsoft Office 100%
Integration with Microsoft Office 100%
Automating Web Forms 70%

GBS Approach

In our initial meeting with KAFCO, we identified their core pain areas. We worked very closely with KAFCO to understand their business processes and challenges. We collected their sample forms and processes and after investing our quality time we prepared a LIVE presentation of Laserfiche software highlighting their pain areas and their core business challenges. KAFCO were happy to see things happening with Laserfiche.

Our Strength

GBS has been implementing and supporting Laserfiche for more than 5 years in Kuwait. We have a reliable team with Laserfiche Certified Professionals which makes our pre-sales engagements and  implementations 100% successful. We are confident and well-prepared to take enterprise-level projects that can add more value to our customers and our expertise. To discuss more about Laserfiche call us on +965 66331629