A Flexible, Proven Enterprise Content Management System

Content Services

Laserfiche enables organizations to manage documents, videos, photos and other content. Investing in a content services platform will help your company eliminate paper, optimize costs and power innovation.

Document Management

Organize all your organization’s information so you make faster, better business decisions.


Control all your paper, digital and mobile content with state-of-the-art Laserfiche tools.
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Process Automation

You handle the business. Laserfiche will handle the process. We will help you manage your mission-critical processes and eliminate busywork.

Task Management

Manage your mission-critical processes to eliminate spreadsheets, emails and busywork.


Eliminate paper forms and manual approvals for a better user experience.

Reporting & Analytics

Optimize operations by identifying inefficiencies and taking advantage of hidden opportunities.
Ready to transform the way you work?
Laserfiche ECM Platform Digital transformation automation

Platform Services

Laserfiche offers key digital transformation-enabling components that meet compliance requirements, integrate with third-party applications and more.

Records Management

Establish guidelines for organizing your documents to ensure compliance and business continuity for your company.


Protect sensitive content, enable compliance, and achieve records integrity through secure document management.


Capture, organize and automate information in Laserfiche Cloud with industry leading security.

ECM Integration

Centralize operations by integrating digital content with other applications.
Ready to transform the way you work?

Our Clients


Laserfiche Technology Alliance Partner that supports GBS in designing, building and deploying Laserfiche solution that solve business challenges.



Secure Your Data With a Modern Document Management System. Centralize content, improve collaboration and maintain security with Document Management System. Maintain a Single Source of Truth Manage, control and maintain regulatory compliance with the repository. Consolidate your data onto a single platform to ensure everyone in your organization is looking at the same information — at whatever level of access they need.

Better Collaboration. Maintain a single source of truth by organizing content in one intuitive platform. Employees can easily find files, keep track of versions, share content and collaborate using tools like built-in Office 365. Visibility and Control. Easily classify, hold and retain documents to appropriately manage records throughout their entire lifecycle. LF Security provides detailed audit logs and ensures only authorized parties can view files with granular user controls.

Consolidate Content and Collaborate Securely. See the LF ECM Platform at work to search, store and securely share documents and other content. Easy Search and Retrieval. Increase productivity, improve process turnaround times and encourage an integrated, paperless work environment.

LF’s Structured Digital Storage enables easy search and retrieval, even while working remotely.Why LF? LF is the backbone of your information management strategy, so you can easily manage content and improve visibility across departments. Accomplish More with Powerful Process Automation LF modernizes your business processes, allowing anyone to build easy-to-design automated workflows – no coding required. Support automation throughout your organization to transform how you get things done.

Automation Has Never Been Easier Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation by letting LF perform time-consuming tasks with lightning speed. Laserfiche’s user-friendly business process automation software enables anyone on your team to modernize workflows without programming experience required. Reduce Repetitive Tasks. Employ Laserfiche’s intuitive, no-code interfaces and robotic process automation tools to connect legacy systems and tackle high-volume tasks while maintaining data integrity.

Accelerate Approvals. Auto-route documents to stakeholders and gather approvals quickly by building them into your automated process. Deliver Results Faster. Speed up your return on investment by accessing prebuilt templates that are already solving problems for other Laserfiche customers. Quickly Identify Improvements. Out-of-the-box and custom analytics reports help you gather valuable insights to identify areas for improvement and inform strategic decisions. Smarter Workflows Await. With Laserfiche business process automation software, you’re only a few clicks away from dramatically improving your organizational efficiency.

Turning Information Into Action Starts With Intelligent Data Capture. Unlock valuable information with AI-capture tools that process high volumes of content, extract data and automatically organize files. Modernize Your Digital Transformation. Intelligent data capture is the first step on your journey toward digital transformation. Laserfiche uses AI-powered intelligent character recognition to automatically extract structured and unstructured data to drive automation of your business processes. Save Time.

Streamline capturing and classifying your data to make your content searchable from one centralized, organized place. Use this to find documents using keywords, metadata, annotations, file names and more. Reduce Errors. AI and machine learning tools recognize and extract valuable data from documents automatically, removing risk of manual errors. Automate Capture, No Coding Required. User friendly drag-and-drop tools to create forms to collect and classify data, put it to work with process automation and gather deeper insights with built-in analytics for facilitating better decision-making.

Accelerate Accounts Payable With Smart Invoice Capture. Leverage Laserfiche AI to intelligently process your invoices with Smart Invoice Capture. Without any training, Smart Invoice Capture is capable of recognizing data fields from nearly any invoice format to use as information to populate your accounting systems or ERPs.